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BetterTurret Mod for Rust Server


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- Server Rewards:


  • betterturret.use
  • betterturret.rocket
  • betterturret.granade
  • betterturret.nocost


Better Turret is a private mod developed by us for Rust servers. This mod allows you to place rocket launchers and launches automatic Turret grenades easily using a GUI.

You can also customize the costs for each type of improvement and enable the improvements independently, in case you only want your players to use one type and not both.

Improvement resources are obtained directly from the player’s inventory, although they can also improve the turret with the RP system.



  "Sounds": true,
  "Health (Normal Turret: 1000)": 1500.0,
  "RP Upgrade - Rocket": 400,
  "RP Upgrade - Granade": 450,
  "Resources Rocket": {
    "rocket.launcher": 1,
    "metal.refined": 400,
    "metal.fragments": 20000,
    "techparts": 10,
    "scrap": 300,
    "": 5,
    "": 5
  "Resources Granade": {
    "multiplegrenadelauncher": 1,
    "metal.refined": 500,
    "metal.fragments": 30000,
    "techparts": 30,
    "scrap": 600,
    "": 5,
    "": 5


  "Rocket": "Rocket Launcher",
  "Grenade": "Grenade Launcher",
  "Empty": "You have to empty the Turret.",
  "NoResources": "You do not have the necessary materials.",
  "NoRP": "You don't have enough RP.",
  "Improve": "Improve Automatic Turret",
  "Upgrade": "Upgrade",
  "Accept": "Accept with Resources",
  "AcceptRP": "Accept with <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> RP",
  "Description": "Activate the option to use Rocket Launcher or Grenade Launcher.\nDo not change weapons when you get better.\nOnce improved, the turret will have <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> life.",
  "Description2": "You need the following resources to improve.",
  "Resources": "Resources Needed for <color=#FFA500>{0}</color>"


- 1.2.0: If RP in the config is 0, the improve with RP button will not appear. (In case you don't have Server Rewards)
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