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QuarryLevels Mod for Rust Server


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- Server Rewards:


  • quarrylevels.use
  • quarrylevels.nocost


This mod will allow you to add to your server an exclusive system of levels for the server quarries.

You can configure as many levels as you want, but by default it is recommended to use the 3 levels that are created in the configuration. You can configure the amount of resource deposit slots, speed, quarry life, the amount of RP needed to improve at each level and the resources needed to improve.

All with a beautiful interface.

* IMPORTANT: It also affects the quarries by default on the map. It is recommended not to have any mod that modifies the speed of quarry collection. For any problem contact me by discord. Ninco90#6219



  "Sounds": true,
  "Default: Slots": 6,
  "Default: Rate": 1.0,
  "Default: Health": 1500.0,
  "Center the resource list": -125,
  "Levels": [
      "Info": {
        "Slots": 12,
        "Rate": 3.0,
        "RP": 30,
        "Health": 3000.0
      "Ingredients": {
        "metal.refined": 50,
        "metal.fragments": 5000,
        "sheetmetal": 15,
        "gears": 15,
        "scrap": 75
      "Info": {
        "Slots": 18,
        "Rate": 4.0,
        "RP": 50,
        "Health": 3500.0
      "Ingredients": {
        "metal.refined": 150,
        "metal.fragments": 12000,
        "sheetmetal": 25,
        "gears": 25,
        "scrap": 300
      "Info": {
        "Slots": 24,
        "Rate": 5.0,
        "RP": 80,
        "Health": 4000.0
      "Ingredients": {
        "metal.refined": 300,
        "metal.fragments": 25000,
        "sheetmetal": 50,
        "gears": 40,
        "scrap": 750


  "NoResources": "You do not have the necessary materials.",
  "NoRP": "You don't have enough RP.",
  "Improve": "Improve the Quarry",
  "Upgrade": "Upgrade",
  "Accept": "Accept with Resources",
  "AcceptRP": "Accept with <color=#FFA500>{0} RP",
  "Completed": "<color=#FFA500>All improvements have been made.",
  "Description": "Current Level: <color=#FFA500>{0}/<color=#FFA500>{1}\n<color=#26ADE8>Next level improvements\nDeposit Slots: <color=#FFA500>{2} | Collection Speed: <color=#FFA500>x{3} | Health: <color=#FFA500>{4}\n\nYou need the following resources to improve."


- 1.1.2: 
  # Slots set for defects now work correctly.
  # Is the quarry damaged? Hit with the wooden hammer and fix it to its maximum life.
  # Life must now be updated correctly as soon as the level is increased.
  # Possible solution to a failure. When the server was restarted, the quarries returned to life by default.
- 1.1.1:
  # Fixed a problem with leveling up.
- 1.1.0:
  # If RP in the config is 0, the improve with RP button will not appear. (In case you don't have Server Rewards)
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